6 thoughts on “Shuttles

    1. HaydnNazrin

      So I am going to be staying at Hotel Sixty3 around Gaya Street. Which shuttle bus is most convenient for me to take to the padang?

  1. Kelvin Wong Ing Chen

    Please update the shuttles list, I had been filled many times of it, but still don’t have my name in the shuttles list, thanks!

    1. Borneo Headhunters Post author

      Thanks Kelvin for your interest in the shuttles! The deadline for the shuttles was 8th of March but we still took in people up until we released the list on 15th March. Spaces on the shuttles are limited so it has been difficult for us to verify number of people when some entered more than once, ESPECIALLY when it’s after the deadline. Rest assured we try to get our guests to the fields for free and will update the list accordingly. Until then, hope you have patience with us as we try our best to get people to the fields even after the shuttle registration deadline.


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